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Musings on Water Damage Farmington

download (6)I have been tasked to write on the subject of water damage Farmington and what it means to me. Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is the town of Farmington located adjacent to the town I grew up in called Avon. Of course these towns are located in the state of Connecticut and not (I suppose) in the state of Utah where I presume the Farmington I am writing about is located. The name itself suggests a bygone era. The main occupation in the town in Connecticut called Farmington is no longer farming. I think it is commuting into Hartford to work at one of the remaining insurance companies that has not yet left the state.


So my friend water damage that happens to be located in the municipality known as Farmington, where do we go from here? We no longer farm the earth in the way we used to. Food production has gone corporate and industrial. Gone are the days when the farmer owned his small plot of land and lived self sufficiently. Now the many tentacles of post modernism including credit, consumerism, industrialization etc. have entrapped thee in its inescapable snares.

If its snares are truly inescapable then what is the point in trying to escape? Is there value in the struggle? Perhaps there is. But perhaps there is not value in the struggle. And if the possibility exists that the struggle is without value the depressing scenario presents itself that all our toil is for naught. Along with this comes the feeling that in fact we are meaningless and indeed existence itself is meaningless. This might not have been such a bad realization to have if we had not been brought up under the exact opposite belief. Such (perhaps) is the nature of water damage that may or may not be located in Farmington.